Golsam Gorgan Chemicals Company was founded in 1965 with the aim of formulation of pesticides with the highest quality and efficacy. The formulation plant in the North of Iran near Gorgan city is situated in a 4-Hectare land equipped with formulation lines of EC, EW, SC, SL, WP, DF and recently micro capsulated.

State of the art production lines and laboratory in the factory which have been approved by most of the major international agrochemical companies have enabled Golsam Gorgan Chemicals to formulate many products under the license of European and Japanese brands such as Syngenta, Nippon Soda, Sumitomo Chemicals, etc. making it the largest agrochemical formulation plant in the country. In the year 2005, Golsam Gorgan Chemicals expanded to formulate various fertilizers in the form of liquid, powder and granules and currently supplying the market with highest qualities of NPKs and micronutrients.

At present Golsam Gorgan Chemicals and its trading company Raha Andish Kavan are furnishing the distributors and farmers through an extensive sales infrastructure and 5 warehouses throughout the country with top quality pesticides & fertilizers and further activities since 2005 includes importation and distribution of high quality finished pesticides, fertilizers and vegetable seeds from most reputable multinational companies. High productivity and yield in agriculture has been the target of this company, hence import of hybrid vegetable seeds from companies such as Syngenta, Huizer Zaden, US Agriseeds and some other well-known companies has gained the company a spot among the top ranked importers of high quality vegetable seeds in Iran. The seeds department using about 20 agronomists constantly follows up trials, registration and promotion of seeds which help the farmers achieve more in quantity and quality.

With the help of highest quality fertilizer imported from Agri Tecno (Spain), Grabi (Italy) and Eurosolids (The Netherlands) our company offers the best quality service to the farmers showing utmost commitment to healthiest and more beneficial agriculture. Golsam Gorgan Chemicals Co. and Raha Andish Kavan Co. with highly trained staff and technicians and an eye on the future developments on the agrochemicals and seeds’ market are constantly looking for new options and ideas to improve their services to the farmers. We pride ourselves to have become a reliable and dynamic partner for both the companies with whom we cooperate and the end-users of our products through innovations, high quality products and technical supports.

Our new activities include Biological control of pests and diseases by importing Mating disruption pheromones and producing mass traps, importing safe biological chemicals and educating farmers to use safer methods to achieve better quality crops with higher yields

Golsam Gorgan Chemicals Co. has been certified the ISO9001 for quality assurance, 14001 for environment pollution control norms and OHSAS 18001 for health and safety. This company has been nominated by the ministry of industries among the 25 best industrial companies of the country in 2009 and 2013.