Permethrin 25% EC

Product Information
IRACWHO Phytotoxicity ClassLD50 OralPHIADIMRL



430-6000 mg/kg

3-5 days

0.05 mg/kg b.w.

0.05 mg/kg (cotton s

Permethrin is a broad spectrum insecticide, a chemical used to kill a variety of insects. Permethrin is referred to as a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide because, while manmade, it resembles naturally-occurring chemicals with insecticidal properties, called pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are found especially in chrysanthemums. Pyrethroids are one of the oldest classes of organic insecticides known
Direction For Use
CropTarget PestsPest`s Scientific NameDosage

Fruit trees

leaf miner

Leucoptera malifoliella

0.5 l/1000

Sugar beet

Egyptian leaf worm

Spodoptera littoralis

1 l/ha

Egyptian leaf worm
Egyptian leaf worm
leaf miner
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